Use Greasemonkey in Opera

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For all those who enjoyed my previous posts Change Google logo text & Make Google Page dark & Google extra - All in one Google search and wished that they could work on Opera too,now there is a good news for you.Now you will be able to use Greasemonkey with Opera too.Then you will be able to install scripts and enjoy my cool tricks on Opera.

Opera has a in-built feature that can support Greasemonkey scripts (custom JavaScript). These user scripts work exactly how they work in Firefox. You can read the brief tutorial after the jump on how you can use it.

How To Use Greasemonkey in Opera

1. Download any Greasemonkey script.

2. Rename the script so that it ends with “.user.js”

3. Open Opera and go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content and click the JavaScript Options button.

4. In User JavaScript files field, choose the location of your scripts folder.

5. Restart Opera for the changes to take effect.

Download Opera here

Download Greasemonkey here



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