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Monday, September 01, 2008

Tech 2 Check reviews
Under Project Get Reviewed (PGR) Tech 2 Check gets reviewed today.Starting out with an introduction of Tech 2 Check.On the first view it may seem out to be all in out a technology related site but it contains the widest spectrum of articles ranging from some mind blowing hacks to very funny jokes and pictures.You can download videos,mp3's,softwares,wallpapers,tutorials etc(coz the list is very short when you are on Tech 2 Check,you will not ever need to go anywhere.

About the author

Tech 2 Check is published by Shitu "an ardent web surfer" as he discribes himself.He also says Tech 2 Check contains all information that comes across him.Hats off to you dude for the hard word and research that you put into for feeding articles to your site.
Wanna know more about him,check out Shitu's proflle.

More about Tech 2 Check

Tech 2 Check has a 3 column layout.The articles are sorrounded by left and right side bars.The color combinations used in the site gives it a very soothing effect.The whole look of it is on a casual style yet very cleanly positioned page elements.

Articles which I loved

Well...actually I loved every sigle article of Tech 2 Check.Some of the articles which I went through and quite liked are....

First version of Internet giants !
Send Fake & Anonymous Mails
Auto Click your mouse !
Funniest Homeless Signs ever
How To Extend the Trial Version Of the Softwares?
How to Hack or Unlock Iphone??
The Ten Worst Job Interview Questions Ever
Lock Computer via USB Flash drive
Error Messages You Never Wanted To See
19 Most Geeky Watches ever made !

Well the list is never ending....

Stuff that you should check

You should also check out various categories under labels section.Some of the categories wich are worth trying are....

Cool Stuff

Must See
Interner Info
online TV
Window Hacks

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Suggestions for the Author

Ther are some suggestions that I would like to give to Shitu...

1.Expand the width of your articles column.
2.The font of site's title does not go with the on it.
3.Continue with the same quality content.

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Phew!! That awesome man.. Thank you very much!!

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September 1, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

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