Make Google Search & iGoogle Homepage Dark

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well guys hope you enjoyed Change Google logo text.Today I have a more cooler stuff.This will make your Google and iGoogle homepage dark.It has a whole lot of other features as well.Have a look at the screenshot....

So here are the steps that will help you do it on ur own...

1. This trick works on Firefox,So you need to install it ,if you don't have one.
Install Firefox

2. Install Greasemonkey

3. Install the script

You are done,now you can open Google or iGoogle to see the changes.You will also have alot of other enhancements.These are..

Google Search Results Page Enhancements
Custom Search Results Enhancements
Images Results Enhancements
Video Results Enhancements
News Results Enhancements
Maps Enhancements


Enjoy this cool trick.
Please do comment for any query or in case if u have any problem.....



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