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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Continuing with Project Get Reviewed(PGR),the site which will be reviewed today is Techodia.Fist let me give a brief introduction of this site.Techodia is "The World of Tech & Fun" as the author of this site EK describes it.I strongly agree with EK.This site contains hardcore technonological posts on one hand with some cool funny articles in between.I guess EK describing it as "The World of Tech & Fun" is fully justified.

About the Author

The author of Techodia is EK,a 17 year old engineering student.He loves blooging & writing about blogging(which is quite clear from the quality of the content which he writes on his site).He loves watching horror movies(I don't) & loves humour(I love humour).get to know more about him,check out EK's profile here.

More on Techodia

Techodia has a 2 column layout.The whole look of the website is very clean yet being sophistticated.The light blue 7 white colours used gies you a feel of the Orkut.All and out as I've said before the whole look of the site is simple,clean and pleasing.
Now,about the content of Techodia.The author has primarily focussed on blogging related articles.There are cool articles on blogger hacks,blogger templates,blogger tips,widgets and SEO.Articles on music ,movies,games and software downloads are also included.Some funny articles in form of pictures are also included.i would like to say that the blogger hacks which he has written about are all very cool and yet very simple to implement.I've even tried some of these in my blog. Thanks to him for that.

Articles which I loved

Here are some of my favorite articles...

Page Navigation Hack for Blogger

How to Add 3 Columns to Footer Section
How to Add a Signature to Your Blogger Posts
7 Must Widgets and Hacks for Blogger
91 Must See Inspiring Creative Photographs
50 Must See Amazing Pictures
Devil May Cry 4 Game Download
Mass Effect ViTALiTY Download

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Game Download
Download NFS Pro Street Reloaded Game
10 Blogger Templates You haven't Seen
New Magazine Style Blogger Templates

Stuff that you should check

You should also check out various categories under Tags Cloud section.Some of the categories wich are worth trying are....

Games download
Blogger hacks
Blogger templates
Blogger widgets

Get updated on Techodia

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Suggestions for the Author

Here are some suggestions for the author.Hope you will work on these....

1.Change the Tags Cloud widget(it takes a lot of time to load).Also if you use this kind of tag cloud,your tags will not be indexed.
2.Write articles more frequently.
3.Hope you don't mind but you should work on your english.the sentences sometimes aren't correct.
4.Include ome english mp3's in music download section.
5.May be add a 3 column footer.(It will look great on your site)

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