Make Self Destructing Private Notes

Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember at cool self-destructing gadget in the movie Mission Impossible. The message will self destruct in 5 seconds
I found a website that creates notes which are somewhat similar to those in MI, except that they aren't exploding gadgets, off course!

Privnote lets anyone create messages that can be read only once. The message won't be available the next time around; it will be destroyed forever.

How to create a self destructing message?

Just head over to Privnote and type your message. Privnote will provide you a link to that message, which can be mailed to your recipient. Once anyone clicks the link and reads the message, it is destroyed. The message won't appear ever again from that link.

Why to create self-destructing notes?

It is a neat way to find if someone else has eavesdropped and read the message. If you send a confidential note to your co-worker and he/she doesn't find it, it becomes clear that the message has been read by someone to whom it wasn't intended.
This won't prevent eavesdropping but will let you know that your message has been read.

Additionally, Privnote can also notify you by email when the message has been read.

Create a self destructing note here



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