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Saturday, August 23, 2008

UPDATE: I removed it from my blog since google may penalize us for backlink spamming!!If you run more than one website and the Google penalty hits all sites at the same time, check the interlinking (cross linking) between those sites. The risks are even higher where site A site wide links to site B and site B site wide links back to site A. If you must use site wide links, make sure they are not reciprocal links. Link schemes built around links in the footer of each webpage are particularly risky. The reality is that site wide links do little to increase site visibility in the Google SERPS, nor do they improve Page Rank more than a single link, as Google only counts one link from a site to another. KSL Consulting also believe that Yahoo! now applies a similar policy. There is some evidence that the extensive use of site wide links can lower website Google trust value, which can subsequently reduce ranking.I have joined the Back Links Project or BLP as they call it.Most of you would be guessing what BLP is??BRP is a project started by a guy who had his blog's Page Rank jumped from PR=0 to PR=5 just in less than 2 months.Now let me explain how it works.
You will get a high number of back links for free and by this your page rank will be high in search engines.If your PR is high in Search engines, your blog will get a high amount of Traffic..

Now if you are interested (I'm DAMN sure that you will be interested) here are the steps you have to follow to get Back links.

1. Write about the Backlinks Project in your blog in the same way as I did here along with the Domains List given below.
2. After publishing the blog post, you have to comment to the Backlinks Project program post at Techodia with your published post's permalink.

The guy will verify the link to ensure that you've written about this project and copy/pasted the domains list in your blog. After that he will add your blog's URL to the domains list. All those who've joined this project will frequently update their domains list. By this you will get a backlink from all those who've joined this project.

So what are you waiting for just join it.......



Just removed it from your blog..

I also removed it since google may penalize you for backlink spamming!!

I just read about Organic links and Natural links..

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