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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Everyone is enjoying Google Chrome and so as me.It's features such as browsing speed,incognitio mode,javascript console,very low memory usage has made it a favorite of millions of web surfers around the world.But what i feel and most of you will agree is the look of Chrome is not cool enough.May be it is in accordance with Google's policy "Simple but powerful".Now there is a solution to this.Here are some cool themes for Chrome ,that will make it sexiest browser in terms of looks as well.

How to install Google Chrome themes

1.Download the zip files from the liks given below.

2. Extract the files from the archive using your own extraction tool. eg WinRAR

3. Go to: (Replacing USERNAME with your username)

Vista users -


XP users-
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\LocalSettings\AppData\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes

And backup your existing, Default.DLL file (Just incase anything goes wrong)

4. Copy over Default.DLL from your extracted files into your Themes folder

5. Open up Chrome and guess what you have a new theme installed.

Note: Don’t forget to make backup of default theme file before replacing with new one.

Screenshots & Download links

Download Google Chrome Green theme here

Download Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox theme here

Download Google Chrome Light Green theme here

Download Google Chrome Orange theme here

Download Google Chrome dark theme here

Download Google Chrome Vista theme here

Download Google Chrome Mac theme here



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