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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz Launched on February 26, 2008 which could be only visited by some people is now open to all in beta stage.It's a community-based news article website, much like Digg, that combines the features of social bookmarking and syndication through a user interface that allows editorial control. Users can be allowed to publish their own news stories, and link to their own or another person's site that links to a full story of the information, therefore driving traffic to that person's website and creating a larger market for sites that research and publish their own news articles and stories.

The big benefit for publishers is that top Buzz stories are linked from the Yahoo home page, which turns a firehose of traffic onto a story. When those stories hit the home page there’s a good chance that the linked site will have a record day in traffic. Yahoo says they’ve sent 16 million visitors to outside sites in those first two weeks, and they’ve gathered data from some of the linked partners.

I have added Buzz Up buttons to my posts and I am looking forward for increase in traffic to my site.

Guys... Buzz Up the posts which you like..



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